peaceful surf

Tan renga challenge at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai


sunday morning
all the waves in white
kneeling on the beach                          © Jane Reichhold


receive a sabbath blessing
from the ocean Creator

© lynn__



photo by lynn



relational theology


work is not the curse

cultural mandate to serve

as garden stewards


observe sabbath rest

cease work, rest mind, worship, feast

to restore one’s soul


creation frolics

play is good theology

praise Lord of the dance


kindred spirits touch

in friendship’s heart commitment

soul intimacy


study the scripture

engage thinking brain in church

inspired intellect


time for refreshment

spirit’s story of kingdom

what if “myth” is true?


Senryu series based on Pastor John Lee’s “refreshment” sermon series.

what time is it?


man knows not his,

yet, by tracking time,

we try to master it.


shadows on sundials,

changing of calendars,

watching the clocks.


time is cosmic order:

spheres circling suns

moons orbiting planets.


from cradle to grave,

out of crib into coffin,

time carries us away.


memories of childhood,

youth’s fond dreams, our

strength and beauty fade.


we cannot stop time

but perhaps we can

slow it by sabbath;


pause to pray, praise

give thanks for grace,

we rest, he restores!



Inspired by Jan.11, 2015  sermon by Pastor John Lee on Ecclesiastes 3:1-15



1.  morning glory

reflective moments

night fades before sun’s splendor

beauty inspires praise


2.  day of rest

focus on His word

quiet the soul’s restlessness

renewed by worship


3.  fellowship

brothers and sisters

gracious hospitality

share meal together


4.  re-creation

wander out of doors

breathe deeply natural scene

rejuvenate mind


5.  two or three

humbly bow our hearts

Spirit hears groans of prayers

power is unleashed


6.  full circle

meditative mood

full moonrise illumines sky

resting in God’s grace


7.  benediction

taking sabbath rest

pause from world’s distracting pace



"Rest from Work" by Van Gogh, Wikipedia Commons

“Rest from Work” by Van Gogh, Wikipedia Commons