relational theology


work is not the curse

cultural mandate to serve

as garden stewards


observe sabbath rest

cease work, rest mind, worship, feast

to restore one’s soul


creation frolics

play is good theology

praise Lord of the dance


kindred spirits touch

in friendship’s heart commitment

soul intimacy


study the scripture

engage thinking brain in church

inspired intellect


time for refreshment

spirit’s story of kingdom

what if “myth” is true?


Senryu series based on Pastor John Lee’s “refreshment” sermon series.

triple treat


The evening after

tasseled and thirsty cornfields

drink three inches rain,


Trio of stars fall

as August meteor show

streaks the southern skies;


Three couples huddle

around campfire’s glowing blaze

warmed by friendship’s bonds.


God, who gives good gifts,

lives holy love triangle;

mysterious One.