so says Sophocles

A distillation of passage from Plato’s Republic linked to Carpe Diem Haiku Kai. Sophocles was a Greek playwright and here’s a quote from his play “Antigone”: 

“Many are the wonders of the world but none is more wonderful than man.” — Sophocles



this gift of old age

when strength of passions relax,

free to be at peace…

but elderly who complain,

were they happier in youth?



Sophocles bust (public domain)


reformation within walls


lifer serving time

raises loud voice in worship

imprisoned, yet free


heart of stone softened

plays new music, writes fresh poem

spirit soars, unchained


baptismal witness

covered by mercy’s waters

saves a drowning man



Worship with believers in a penitentiary…Cornerstone Ministries, SD