ethiopian ethos

among the

majang people,

little children

will rub their

empty bellies

and cry to

their parents


i am starving!


souls, too, feel

growling hunger

for real food

of good word

as eager people

gather round

to listen to a

talking bible!


jesus prayed,

multiplied bread

to nourish


and disciples

gathered up


do we have

crumbs to spare?





when food becomes god



(giving up chocolate for lent?)

disordered eating






A shadorma poem (Spanish form) of 6 lines with 3-5-3-3-7-5 syllable count.

community unity meals

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connection by blood
relatives around a table
share past family history
gather for holiday food

connection like blood
friends around a table
share current life history
gather over favorite food

connection spite blood
neighbors around a table
share convergent history
gather with communal food

connection shed blood
nations around a table
share territorial history
gather to distribute food

connection in his blood
believers around the table
share biblical faith history
gather for spiritual food



Check out World Renew video of working with communities to end poverty:

begging for attention


lifting empty HANDs

street CHILDren surround stopped car

HUNGry beyond food


aren’t we all BEGgars?

reaching out for ful-FILL-ment

hungry for HIS love



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