blood rose

Roses for Mothers Day, attempt at “lai” form poetry and linking to dVerse


photo by lynn



velvet blooms blood rose
subtle scent wafts nose
folds of ruffled rows
vivid color grows
thorns prick of sorrows
wilted tomorrows

remembering him


firstborn son cruelly beaten

pierced, hung on rough cross

dark blood trickles down wood


utterly forsaken by God

cries out in deep agony

firstborn son cruelly beaten


releases his final breath

pagan soldiers insure death

pierced, hung on rough cross


bruised body claimed, wrapped

gently laid in bare, stony tomb

dark blood trickles down wood



Requiem written in cascade form…linking with Amaya’s prompt at dVerse.


Linking to Frank Tassone’s haiku challenge…


maundy thursday meal

passover lamb serves supper

taste body and blood


good friday trial

soldiers nail God to wood beams

love’s great sacrifice


silent saturday

women weep while Jesus sleeps

he will rise again!



1510 fragment – Matthias Grunewald, Netherlands

INRI stems from the Latin phrase ‘Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum‘ meaning ‘Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews’. This was the notice Pontius Pilate nailed to the cross.


a wreath wraps around us

IMG_5413 2


evergreen circle

 as God’s everlasting love

tied with blood red bow




“I have loved you with an everlasting love; therefore I have continued my faithfulness to you.”  

(God’s words in Jer. 31:3)

he shall have first place


for us he shed his blood on wooden beam
he is the son of God and son of Man
in all things Jesus Christ will reign supreme

you may think such a statement is extreme
no more extreme than God’s great love for Man
for us he shed his blood on wooden beam

to honor him as Lord is my life’s theme
to share good news of God’s salvation plan
in all things Jesus Christ will reign supreme

our own attempt to reach God is pipe dream
no matter how we stretch, we never can
for us he shed his blood on wooden beam

will we admit our sin is real, obscene?
proud men hate truth so pierce God’s heart & hand
in all things Jesus Christ will reign supreme

he paid our ransom debt, souls to redeem
God saw our suff’ring, opened his arm span
for us he shed his blood on wooden beam
in all things Jesus Christ will reign supreme



Inspired by sermon on Colossians 1:15-23, written in villanelle form.

community unity meals

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connection by blood
relatives around a table
share past family history
gather for holiday food

connection like blood
friends around a table
share current life history
gather over favorite food

connection spite blood
neighbors around a table
share convergent history
gather with communal food

connection shed blood
nations around a table
share territorial history
gather to distribute food

connection in his blood
believers around the table
share biblical faith history
gather for spiritual food



Check out World Renew video of working with communities to end poverty:

silent sabbath


laid down life for friends

blood congealed, stiff body wrapped

stone seals death in tomb

soldiers wipe spear and spikes clean

women grieve over spices




La via dolorosa
the way of suffering
tell me, Who would
choose to suffer?

Plenty of suffering
here to go around:
pain, grief
rejection, loneliness
bullying, abuse
derision, disease, death.

None of us immune
all of us sinners
except the immutable Son of man.
He chose the via dolorosa
only he could
only he would
bear all our misery and loss
on rough wooden beams of
a Roman cross:
ugly method of torture
cruel means of execution
for common criminals.

What crime deserved piercing?
His uncommon love for us
pierced his magnanimous heart
spilled gracious agape love
to wash our dirt clean away…

His via dolorosa is
our way home to the Father,
who turned away from
our hideous sins
borne on the bleeding back
of his beloved son.

Shadows fell on his
forsaken and disfigured form
when he descended into hell
Praise God, now we will never be forsaken
we need not smell the sulphur or feel the heat.

Let us kiss the nail printed feet
of our Redeemer – Rescuer
who walked the cobbled streets
of the via dolorosa uphill to Calvary.

national day of lament


legalized forty-four years

america’s future aborted

innocent blood on our hands


it’s mechanical/chemical rape

woman’s womb was sacred space

innocent blood on our hands


complications may occur

unplanned barrenhood results

innocent blood on our hands


abortionists get filthy rich

take advantage of desperate girls

innocent blood on our hands


would not dissect live puppies

yet traffic baby body parts

innocent blood on our hands


dark path of sexual revolution

strips all human lives of dignity

innocent blood on our hands


six million Jews in holocaust

almost sixty million unborn children

innocent blood on our hands

why did you?

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 4.44.28 PM










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we are Nasrani

Sept. 23, 2015 – Festival of the Sacrifice: ISIS videotapes shootings of three men executed for crime of being Christians. The victims were part of a group of 250 Syrians abducted in February during Islamic State attacks on 35 villages along the Khabur River in Hasakah province. Their captors threaten same fate to rest of group if $12 million ransom is not paid. Negotiations “have been suspended due to the unbearable demands of the terror group,” says Osama Edward, director of Assyrian Human Rights Network (based in Stockholm, Sweden).*

blood of the martyrs

Christian families destitute

bullet to the head


false religion instills hate

come quickly, Lord Jesus, come!


*WORLD magazine, 10-31-15, p. 40, “Fallen and Forsaken” by Mindy Belz



Maybe God cries 

big tears of sadness

when grey skies rain,

grieving over evil in 

the world muddied by

our prideful rebellion.


His beloved children

deceived by the

enemy in snakeskin,

swiftly ushering in

disease and death

spoiling paradise,

stealing happiness.


God cries with us 

in our suffering,

pain, regret, loss.

Our Father’s tears

mingle with our own

to bring release

and comfort for our

souls’ grey sorrows.


Yet weather’s tears

cannot clean

the dark stains 

of hands and hearts

steeped in sin.

Only the pure blood

of His Son, our brother,

can wash all guilt away

in flood of grace.