feast of faith












Let us remember this Thanksgiving day

how our forefathers walked the pilgrim way

forgive our greedy attitude

and give us hearts of gratitude

for providential blessings, Lord, we pray.



*Listen to brief podcast by John Piper on Giving Thanks here


Quintet of 5 lines (in iambic meter and AABBA rhyme scheme) for dVerse.





no shining example


Let’s not be koi about this:

ornamental is all about image-

in reality,  just common carp

(classification: carp-e diem, isn’t it?)

So seize the day like a greedy fish-

searching with mouth wide open,

chasing anything that moves,

pushing your way ahead of the rest

to suck in and swallow every

tasty (but possibly toxic)

tidbit tossed your way?


Jeremiah 6:13  “From the least to the greatest, all are greedy for gain; prophets and priests alike all practice deceit.”