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A quadrille of 44 words for dVerse poetics…

Dad took us to stock car races,
figure 8’s, Indy racetrack tour:
our family waiting at famous light
tower for bus driver to announce,
“Gentlemen, start your engines!”

Mom was relieved my brother
didn’t put spoiler on first car or
choose Nascar driving career.




my momma, she try to warn me

“he’s trouble…jus’ like yer old man

find sumpthin’ better… if ya can.”

course, i didn’t listen to her plea;

Clyde winked as i sat on his knee

he taught me how to aim a gun,

showed me armed robbery be fun!

terrorized those folks in Texas

FBI came lookin’ for us

cops ambushed car, our daze was done.



This poetic form is a “decima” with 10 lines of 8 syllables each and abbaaccddc rhyme scheme.  Read more at d’Verse Poets where Gayle is hosting!


lil’ red bug

learned to drive

stick, clutch & shift

four on the floor in

’68 red VW beetle;

rear engine unwinds

like tight rubber band.

scootin’ thru traffic and

parkin’ in small slots or

doin’ donuts on icy lots.

Daddy gave her keys

not knowing that

the girlfriends had

too much fun trying

to get boys to follow,

then losing them…

beep, beep!


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photo credit:  car by ed jarrell

photo credit: car by ed jarrell

begging for attention


lifting empty HANDs

street CHILDren surround stopped car

HUNGry beyond food


aren’t we all BEGgars?

reaching out for ful-FILL-ment

hungry for HIS love



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