[old] woman who swallowed a fly…

a bug flew

into my mouth,

down my throat,

and now i feel

like gollum.

gollum (public domain)

gollum (public domain)

lil’ red bug

learned to drive

stick, clutch & shift

four on the floor in

’68 red VW beetle;

rear engine unwinds

like tight rubber band.

scootin’ thru traffic and

parkin’ in small slots or

doin’ donuts on icy lots.

Daddy gave her keys

not knowing that

the girlfriends had

too much fun trying

to get boys to follow,

then losing them…

beep, beep!


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photo credit:  car by ed jarrell

photo credit: car by ed jarrell

don’t bug me


mid-summer evening

pulling weeds in my garden

mosquitoes singing


grandma, what is it?

fireflies, my little bright one.

oh look — I catched it!


refreshing shower

till earwig crawls out of drain

startles privacy


 (photo credit:  Leave No Trace)