day in court


day in court, all rise;
expect guilty verdict

judge Jesus presides,
accuser will prosecute

satan spits, “shame!”
and defendant cowers

arraigned and censured,
confess “guilty as charged”

prosecutor hisses, smug,
demands death penalty

judge and defense confer
surprise pardon granted!

penalty paid in full…
released on blood bond

none quick enough

De hosts “quick” quadrille at dVerse and I remembered the line from Apostles’ Creed. “Quick” may be archaic for “living” (which we use now) but still fits.


“He will come to judge the quick and the dead.”

who appoints us
to be another’s judge?

who designates our
high court as supreme?

who dares to live
as law unto himself?

Someday each one will tremble
on holy ground in Judge Jesus’ presence.





There once was a chocolatier judge

who ate too many samples of fudge

SO much of a treat

NO longer tastes sweet

from his bench, he simply couldn’t budge!



(photo from wikimedia commons, mackinacfudgeshop_turtle)