none quick enough

De hosts “quick” quadrille at dVerse and I remembered the line from Apostles’ Creed. “Quick” may be archaic for “living” (which we use now) but still fits.


“He will come to judge the quick and the dead.”

who appoints us
to be another’s judge?

who designates our
high court as supreme?

who dares to live
as law unto himself?

Someday each one will tremble
on holy ground in Judge Jesus’ presence.



contempt of court


in June, the bridal month,

five wise-in-their-own-eyes

justices rule supreme injustice;

deny reality’s own design,

declare bride is unnecessary

to have a wedding — absurd

as the emperor’s new clothes.

our founding fathers gave their

best to balance the powers that be.

We-the-people lament loud over

the proud actions of judges

who bring the gavel down

on a rainbow bully pulpit;

over-ruling states’ rights,

the Constitution, even

basic common sense.

Does anyone see the

naked shame of tyranny?

Justice Alito, in dissenting opinion, observed that “even enthusiastic supporters of same-sex marriage should worry about the scope of the power that today’s majority claims. Today’s decision shows that decades of attempts to restrain this Court’s abuse of authority have failed… All Americans,” he concludes, “should worry about what the majority’s claim of power portends.”

(quote from July 6, 2015)