forest babies

turn tufted head ‘round
watch for father who hunts food
owlet waits on rock

curled up for their nap
dappled backs of young fawn twins
hidden in tall grass

three sets of masked eyes
match three pairs of handy paws
coons claim hollow tree




Haiku series for dVerse poets …hosted by Frank J. Tassone .

messenger pigeon


He cried tears of sorrow

over creatures who rebelled

and washed the earth clean

of violence in ancient times

( humanity hasn’t changed )

faith-full Noah rode out storm

with motley-crewed menagerie

in huge hand-built (pitched

and precariously pitching) boat

until drencher rain stopped,

floodwaters began to recede

when raven embarks from ark,

on long reconnaissance mission

pumping back and forth across

expansive sea on strong wings.

days later, Noah let out a dove,

delicate creature in search of

nesting place for her young.

first flight aborted, exhausted

re-released after (weak) week

she returns with an olive branch

of peace to the human family (who

bowed) under God’s bow of promise

— aimed back at Him who would

bear our sin and rescue the world.



A prose poem linked to dVerse poets where Laura Bloomsbury encourages us to take flight!

rambling rhyme


let’s amble down dirt path
thru bramble in the woods
we’ll ramble like a poem

hear rumble of the thunder
don’t bumble over tree roots
or stumble where you roam

step nimble-ly while hiking
hold thimble compass steady
star symbol guides us home


Linking with Linda Lee Lyberg at dVerse poets to write quadrille (44-words) on “among the brambles” theme.  Enjoy the berries but beware of snakes!



when i was little,wp-1594253600335

we would chew

penny gum balls,

colorful as turmeric,

and imagine spiced

potpourri dreams in

passing clouds; do you

see a lazy lizard? yes, it

wears old leather boots

and rides a sea serpent!


Linking to Linda’s paint chip poetry on “when i was little” theme!



such minor
erupted into a
monster of hostility
as if born the moment
we opened to the dark
secrets and fears
of our own
fragile hearts


The italicized lines are from the poem,“This Has Been a Summer of Moths,” by Anne M. Doe Overstreet featured at Tweetspeak Poetry.

experiential garden

Poem inspired by young calligrapher, singer & songwriter, Samara Ribbens.



seed must crack for sprout to grow

bulb buried deep sends roots below

sepals stretch for blossom to show

rain must fall so green life can flow

hope for harvest gain, in pain we sow

such tearful truth we shall die to know!




linden tree

da bomb


blue lips confess

tasting frozen delight

hyperactivity on a stick

fructose corn syrup high

flavors layered like the flag

cherry, lime, jazzy razzberry

hot july day at grandma’s

you know you want one

let taste buds explode

sweetness trickles in







Join Kim at dVerse poets where we’re writing blue quadrilles…

back to basics


My fellow Americans,

What is happening to our country?

We are ONE nation but some are trying to divide us!

Have we forgotten our pledge of allegiance to her?

America’s past isn’t perfect; let us learn from our mistakes.

America’s future is full of promise if we reach for her ideals;

If we preserve freedom’s principle to protect individual rights,

If we respect our Constitution and agree to live united under law.

Have we forgotten GOD who is the source of life, law, and justice?

Let us humble ourselves, give thanks for our blessings of opportunity,

and keep working together toward true liberty and justice for ALL!







photo by lynn


summer’s wild rose shines

after a morning shower

raindrops kiss petals



Linking to new prompt at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai.  “Apokoinou” is a grammatical feature in which the middle phrase can complete the first thought and/or introduce the final idea.

reform us, Lord


where is the church

when racial injustice

perpetuates oppression?

if we are the body

we kneel in humility

to confess our own sins

where is the church

when families breakdown

because fathers are absent?

if we are the body

we live out God’s truth

and serve with his love

where is the church

when devastated mothers

regret aborting their children?

if we are the body

we share the powerful

hope of the Holy Spirit

where is the church

when mentally ill people

live on the streets?

if we are the body,

we will follow Jesus in

redeeming the world !






Country roads beckon on sunny Sunday afternoon. Put on farm cap and sunglasses, grab water bottle and hop into open jeep, painted red for fun. The warm sun smiles down on husband and wife as we bounce along past scenes of cud-chewing cows and cornfields.

Congenial conversation shortens our trek to a state park. We park jeep to hike trail which meanders along rock cliffs, laughing waterfalls, and the deep-pooled river. Walk up sweet sweat. Admire wildflowers, glimpse elusive deer, and discover a painted turtle.

We pause next to low stone dam where bullheads mingle towards evening. Hear gentle sound of water spilling over, see sunlight filter through trees to sparkle on river’s surface, and soak in this one shining moment, hand in hand.


leafy glade’s green growth—
natural sabbatical
under God’s heaven


Join Lillian at dVerse poetics for a traditional haibun/haiku challenge!

sudden dread


carrion crow’s flight

wings chop air with whirring sound

caw cacophony


swoop down to murder

sharp beaks jab at feast and mates

fight over road kill




I added a second haiku to join dVerse poets as we revisit “imagism”; MTB (meeting the bar) challenge hosted by Frank J. Tassone…check it out!



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