nimbo forecast

The “Lai” is an old French form with 9-line stanza(s) of 5 syllables/2 syllables in repeated pattern and rhyme scheme: aabaabaab.

i wish we could sing
of winter or spring
what will weather bring?
sunshine’s raincloud fling
robins on the wing
mud on everything



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  1. rothpoetry
    May 04, 2019 @ 15:24:50

    Very nicely done, Lynn. Winter and spring are often very unsettled! Love the photo of the farm.


  2. Björn Rudberg (brudberg)
    May 04, 2019 @ 10:13:18

    That mud too often comes together with spring.. 🙂


  3. robtkistner
    May 04, 2019 @ 05:08:35

    AnymLai that includes gumbo is my kinda Lai Lynn. Like what you did here!


  4. Frank Hubeny
    May 03, 2019 @ 15:34:03

    I hope the weather improves. Nice lai.


  5. lillian
    May 03, 2019 @ 05:06:42

    Love especially the last three lines.
    Many many years ago, actually the first house we ever purchased, was an old farmhouse on 15 acres of land in the Iowa countryside. Oh how I remember the mud of spring! And years later, driving to pick up my then 4 year old grandson from preschool…where they believed in letting children play outside in almost all weather. The preschool playground had a huge depression and oh yes, it became a huge mud hole! I had to sit him on the back part of the car and strip off boots and rain pants that were absolutely covered in mud…have a sheet covering the inside of the backseat including his car seat, get him home and pop him in the bathtub…he even had mud in his hair…and oh he was so gloriously happy! Thanks for the memories!


  6. Grace
    May 02, 2019 @ 19:25:39

    Our spring here is still in limbo but I do look forward to robins and rain, not mud.


  7. Glenn Buttkus
    May 02, 2019 @ 18:58:12

    I think instead of three tercets, there is a nine line single stanza. Other than that, I enjoyed the meteorological Lai.


  8. Christine Bolton
    May 02, 2019 @ 18:26:21

    Great Lai!!! Love the use of Bimbo! 🤣


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