gratitude recorded


counting grace gifts

moves me to mindful

noticing the beautifulIMG_3011

(even or especially)

in middle of the mess


grace gifts are blessings

magnificent and minute

given generously from

divine nail-pierced hands

with love, design, intent


i count and recount

voice in quiet prayer

write in poetic words

number in journal

capture with camera


lavish gifts everywhere

experienced in garden

discovered on farm

encountered in travels

observed as dear faces


Linda hosts poetics at dVerse Poets Pub on what brings us peace of mind…

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  1. katiemiafrederick
    Aug 08, 2019 @ 14:38:27

    Every Step And Every Word
    A Dance A Poetry of Life Soul Songs
    Sing in Gratitude oF all
    There is Every
    Gift Heaven’s
    Breath Every
    Give and Share
    So Far Beyond
    Take and Hoard
    What more is
    tHere to say
    but do
    As Tradition
    Will Have it on
    the dVerse Trail at
    Least Saving Friend Lynn
    ‘Till The Very End Always STaRTinG AGaiN..
    Smiles my Friend some of us really Never go away..
    We Dance And Sing iT All Orbit of Soul Always Brings us Back
    Gravity and God IN Balance Our Friend Always Breathing New..:)


    • lynn__
      Aug 09, 2019 @ 05:02:24

      hello, Friend, who lives gratitude! Always good to see you, Fred…our orbits overlapping 🙂


      • katiemiafrederick
        Aug 09, 2019 @ 08:19:52

        Smiles Lynn Considering that Jesus is Reported to teach When two or more Humans Connect God is Present We are All Neurons And our Globe
        Now From Left to Right
        Hemisphere Connecting
        Increasingly is God’s
        Brain Lighting up
        Like A Multi-Coloring
        Christmas Tree Perhaps
        Considering All Life All
        Existence Connects this
        Way As God And more
        People See This Common
        Wind as All our True
        Reality Gratitude For
        Every Small Particle
        Wave And Field of
        Dreams ALL connecting
        Will Bring A Greater
        Feel and Sense of
        Well Being Beyond
        All Words For this
        Present Gift of
        Existence For
        Those Who
        Come to See
        This Eternal
        Wind the
        The Great i Am..:)

      • lynn__
        Aug 09, 2019 @ 09:04:17


      • katiemiafrederick
        Aug 09, 2019 @ 09:08:24


  2. Grace
    Aug 08, 2019 @ 11:07:07

    If we open our eyes and hearts, the gifts are everywhere. Thanks for the reminder.


  3. memadtwo
    Aug 07, 2019 @ 21:07:30

    Lavish gifts are indeed everywhere…we just need to keep our minds and eyes open. (K)


  4. Charmed Chaos
    Aug 07, 2019 @ 09:41:23

    There is such reverence and gratefulness within your words. Beautiful!


  5. long4h2o
    Aug 07, 2019 @ 09:30:39

    Gratitude and finding God in all things are two of my favorite spiritual practices.


  6. Frank Hubeny
    Aug 07, 2019 @ 07:58:46

    I like how you find beauty in the middle of the mess and recognize it all as a generous gift.


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