do you know?



do you know what the earth meditates upon in autumn?

when north wind breathes fresh worship
over cornfield of heavy stalks bowed down
as ripe apples bless orchard with abundance
and tumbleweeds dance across rural road?

when crispy leaves gather in harvest pile
over rich soil fully yielded to waning sun
as pumpkins swell with orange-ribbed grace
and squirrel chatters praise for scattered nuts?

do you know what the earth meditates upon in autumn?



The beginning (and ending) question is from Pablo Neruda’s El Libro de las Preguntas.

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  1. Björn Rudberg (brudberg)
    Oct 23, 2019 @ 14:54:18

    Oh I think the earth has been busy and needs her rest…


  2. Vivian Zems
    Oct 23, 2019 @ 14:11:28

    It appears that the Earth has a quite a bit to meditate on.
    I love your descriptions here.


  3. memadtwo
    Oct 23, 2019 @ 12:16:10

    Your words are warm, like autumn colors. I smiled at the squirrels. (K)


  4. Na'ama Yehuda
    Oct 23, 2019 @ 12:00:49

    I bet it does meditate over all that! And over some of what we do not see yet she can. Well done!


  5. georgeplace2013
    Oct 23, 2019 @ 10:19:46

    I like the spiritualty of the poem, You’ve woven some beautiful words together.


  6. Laura Bloomsbury
    Oct 23, 2019 @ 03:19:07

    this is charming Lynn – especially like your use of worship in that first line, followed by the bowing down

    thank you for joining in – glad the Neruda quote spoke to you


  7. kim881
    Oct 23, 2019 @ 02:00:16

    I like the circular feel to this poem, Lynn, with the question at beginning and end, still looking for an answer. I love the line ‘as pumpkins swell with orange-ribbed grace’ – it glows.


  8. Camie
    Oct 22, 2019 @ 23:15:28



  9. Glenn A. Buttkus
    Oct 22, 2019 @ 19:34:15

    Using the question as preface and epilogue, as book ends, is very creative. Also I like that you expanded the world of the poem, yet let the reader still strive to answer the question/refrain.


  10. Grace
    Oct 22, 2019 @ 19:25:40

    I love the autumn colors and theme, specially: orange-ribbed grace. We chose the same poetry line.


  11. kanzensakura
    Oct 22, 2019 @ 18:29:45

    Orange-ribbed grace…one of the several wonderful images in this poem. Full of quiet worship.


  12. Catherine-Jayne
    Oct 22, 2019 @ 17:46:51

    Also love the ‘orange ribbed grace’ of the pumpkin x lovely


  13. msjadeli
    Oct 22, 2019 @ 17:34:15

    Mindfulness is what I’m hearing and such wonderful things the earth experiences to enjoy, in the moment. Beautiful poem, Lynn ❤


  14. revivedwriter
    Oct 22, 2019 @ 16:34:05

    The pumpkins, swelling with “orange-ribbed grace,” is my favorite image in this poem.


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