the source

every good gift received

each reminder believed

that good Lord above

is the God of great love

and our worthiness under-achieved!


Joining Ingrid at dVerse poetics to consider gifts and gratitude.

9 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Gillena Cox
    Feb 08, 2023 @ 16:48:16

    Thanks for dropping by my blog Lynn



  2. Ingrid
    Feb 08, 2023 @ 14:17:42

    I love your take on the limerick with a serious message, Lynn – thank you!


  3. J lomax
    Feb 08, 2023 @ 13:38:56

    I’ve received good gifts from God. Oh, how grateful I am! He knows what I need.


  4. dorahak
    Feb 08, 2023 @ 13:36:59

    A great and humbling truth regarding the Author of life itself and every good and perfect gift.


  5. Sherry Marr
    Feb 08, 2023 @ 13:19:23

    Our worthiness under-achieved indeed. And still Mother Earth and the All-That-Is showers us with blessings.


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