screech on hold

Sharing today with d’Verse poetics prompt on nature’s micro worlds…

young owlet

fell from tree

when trimmed

fluttering low

unable to fly

high as his

worried parent

yet doesn’t try

to fight my

son’s firm grip

of gloved hand

around his

warm body



grey fuzziness

luminous eyes

already wise

clicks to scold

the camera

turns neck far

to stare in all


where’s mama?

carry him oh

so gently back

to nearby spruce

for a few more

flying lessons.


photo by lynn

25 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. billgncs
    Jun 03, 2015 @ 21:16:12

    bravo !


  2. kanzensakura
    Jun 03, 2015 @ 20:30:29

    Owls!!! and so glad he seems healthy. Wonderful poem about this happening in your day.


  3. Kathy Reed
    Jun 03, 2015 @ 19:14:00

    The horny owl…but, yes, safety comes in numbers


  4. Linda Kruschke
    Jun 03, 2015 @ 16:35:00

    Another wonderful owl poem! And this time the owl’s in a tree where it seems to me owls should be. Tell your son good job for rescuing the poor thing. Peace, Linda


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