texting: italic to gothic

A “decastitch” poem of one stanza, ten lines, ten syllables each. Linking to the dark side of the moon 


writer’s birthday gift: calligraphy kit

with how-to manual, paper and ink

pen with precise metal nibs in three widths

hold tip at forty-five degree angle

blotting excess ink on paper towel

discover classic skill of ancient scribes

consider precious manuscripts preserved

carefully practice each alphabet style

experimenting with parchments and fonts

admire peacock blue, favorite ink hue


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  1. kiwinana
    Jun 18, 2018 @ 15:39:18

    Great, I like it, I see you added the link to Mr. Linky. It is a great site if you want to learn more poetry forms, she is very good at explaining how to write them, also a very nice person that is willing to help you if you ask a question. Have a great day.


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