how paint chips fall

Try paint chip poetry with Linda Kruschke!


i’ll no longer think the

grass is always greener

as my life will be verdant

under cumulonimbus skies

after watering the zinnias,

i will take a drive to the

local spice market to taste

a wild huckleberry sorbet

later, i‘ll read and write by

candlelight before retiring

to antique brass bed and

sleep late, when i am old


Screen Shot 2022-07-03 at 2.47.17 PM

6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. SelmaMartin
    Jul 04, 2022 @ 09:18:23

    oh, Lynn, and I almost forgot, the red hat, of course, and the brandy we’ll consume in small sips. yes. big celebrating.


  2. SelmaMartin
    Jul 04, 2022 @ 09:16:32

    And you will wear purple too, right? Like me. hehe. And do wild things like taste the wild huckleberry sorbets at the markets. Yes, let’s do the wild things then… This was a wonderful read that put me in a very good mood, Lynn. Thanks. Blessings. And happy fourth of July celebrations to you and your family. Blessings. xoxo


    • lynn__
      Jul 04, 2022 @ 10:59:50

      Happy 4th to you too, Selma! Yes, I’m a purple wearing member of our local “Classy Lassies” red hat group…you can join us virtually 😀


  3. Linda L. Kruschke
    Jul 03, 2022 @ 16:59:39

    This is awesome! Kind of weird that it showed up in your feed two years later, but I’m so glad you got to join in.


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