coffee shop poetry


two mature women,
we follow each other
around our small town
from pharmacy to the
grocery store; probably
visited same hair stylist
(who is also my niece)
by shape of our haircutsIMG_6748

smile, exchange names
by parked grocery carts
mourn recent loss of
local coffee shop which
offered espresso, lattes,
(and favorite chai tea)
along with scones, tarts,
and crusty baguettes.

why couldn’t our town
sustain the business?
would anyone start it
again (sans machines,
a larger investment)?
we need a place like it
although obviously we
didn’t patronize enough

better than starbucks,
unique small town shop
with drive-up window
and friendliest service
has me contemplating
the reason for reading
(or even for writing) a
daily poem, served hot.



Borrowed line from L.L. Barkat: “contemplating the reason for reading a daily poem” for Poems from the Coffee Shop prompt at Tweetspeak Poetry.  Also linking with dVerse Poets where Merril prompts us to write about “impermanence”.