where does snow moon go?

Tan renga challenge at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai…with a twist!



photo by lynn

full snow moon
stirs the ladybug
on cold bare branches

© Hamish

she rolls over in her sleep
shiny black spots reflect light

dreaming of blossoms
snow covers dormant branches
honey bees warm hive

winter moon soon waning
pregnant apple tree will bud

© lynn__


love song by “the beetles” (live)

photo credit: dreamstime

photo credit: dreamstime


tentoumushi love

yeah ladybug, ladybug,

fly away with me


one thousand screaming fans can’t

rid the house of ladybugs


The theme at CDHK today is “tentoumushi” (ladybug)

and ladybug season will begin soon enough…