enduring enigma

two beings, alike yet
opposite, attracted
like magnets (even
at times, repulsed)
will dare commit to
co-join in covenant
for a lifetime…how?

puzzling pieces fit,
monogamy wasn’t
meant as monotony.
God’s created design
established in Eden
cannot be denied,
ignored or forgotten.

patterned after Him,
the self-sacrifice is
worth it, revealing
true love is faithful,
life can be renewed,
and His eternal love-
stronger than death.

I  wrote this poem (unknowingly) the same afternoon my son asked his sweetheart to marry him, so I joyfully dedicate it to Lorn & Jessica!


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  1. Victoria C. Slotto
    Apr 19, 2015 @ 19:24:33

    Enduring love–there is nothing more beautiful…reflecting God’s love for us even when we fall flat on our faces.


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