prairie calls my name

windy weather
calling the flowers by nameIMG_2785
each nods

depth of a flower
flying away with the bee
some mystery

© Jane Reichhold


My “fusion” haiku/ troiku:

wildflowers nod heads
while bees hum mystery song
prairie breeze summer

wildflowers nod heads
as gentle wind nudges clouds
sleepy afternoon

bees hum mystery
in honeyed depth of pistil
sweet nectar distills

prairie breeze summer
delivers pollen and seeds
native plants flourish


photos by lynn



enduring enigma

two beings, alike yet
opposite, attracted
like magnets (even
at times, repulsed)
will dare commit to
co-join in covenant
for a lifetime…how?

puzzling pieces fit,
monogamy wasn’t
meant as monotony.
God’s created design
established in Eden
cannot be denied,
ignored or forgotten.

patterned after Him,
the self-sacrifice is
worth it, revealing
true love is faithful,
life can be renewed,
and His eternal love-
stronger than death.

I  wrote this poem (unknowingly) the same afternoon my son asked his sweetheart to marry him, so I joyfully dedicate it to Lorn & Jessica!