faith’s holy flame


when faith fails,

humanity refuses the Light

rebel hearts and minds

enveloped by darkness

devolve to beasts.


seek stranger sex but

cannot commit to love;

civilization crumbles,

children are crushed.


when wind blows,

flickering flame will

be snuffed out…OR

burst into blazing torch!


Connecting with dVerse Poets for 6th Anniversary and “flicker” quadrille (44 word poem) prompt.

30 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. paul scribbles
    Jul 20, 2017 @ 03:39:36

    Who knows which way the wind blows?…50/50.


  2. Bryan Ens
    Jul 18, 2017 @ 21:55:20

    Yes, when the wind of the spirit blows, there are only 2 options!


  3. Victoria Young
    Jul 18, 2017 @ 19:10:28

    This is by far my favorite one of your poems. Really wonderful work. I love the alliteration ‘seek stranger sex.’ This is what we’re seeing all over the place and it is tragic. So many lives are devastated for a ‘fix.’ Temptation beckons. But, I love the hope at the end – which is in the form of a question – will we use the tragedy that we’re seeing all around – will it be the death of us or can we transform it into a torch to light our way – hopefully learning from our mistakes and the mistakes of others.


  4. Sanaa Rizvi (@rizvi_sanaa)
    Jul 18, 2017 @ 13:17:37

    We must hold on to hope!


  5. Victoria C. Slotto
    Jul 18, 2017 @ 12:38:57

    We are in such need of hope right now. And prayer.


  6. Charley
    Jul 18, 2017 @ 12:13:31

    Powerfully true message in a well-worded package.


  7. Linda Kruschke
    Jul 18, 2017 @ 11:54:45

    When the Light flickers out, hopelessness and despair abound. I shall cling to faith and pray that it not fail. Excellent take on the prompt.


  8. katiemiafrederick
    Jul 18, 2017 @ 10:55:29

    Lynn Lynn Lynn..
    not quiet at almost the
    very end but never
    the less and alWays
    more a friEnd to me
    here at number 44
    in a dVerse
    for 44 words only.. heHe.,
    whenever i Visit
    mY Poet Friend
    me happy
    as she now
    sTiLL has a
    kind smile..
    to share..
    hmm… wELL..
    been busy heaR..
    latELy more with 1.81
    Million Words in 13.6
    Months of sure a flicker
    a flame a torch a bonfire
    of St. Elmo’s FiRe of Free
    Verse Poetry more.. as there
    was once an Epic Long Form
    Poem from India named “Mahābhārata”
    at 1.8 Million Words that technically is shorter..
    hehe.. than my personal “SonG oF mY SoUL”
    at 5 Million Words in the current Celebration of
    that and more in a 788th MacroVerse of doing
    juSt that but according to “John 14:12” the greaTest
    Hope that a Humble reported Jesus would give to those
    who really believe in what he taught about 100% Luke
    Hot Faith in/as the Power of Unconditional Fearless and smART
    Love with each other freely.. harming no one else by consuming
    them with ill.. as when two or more of us JoiN hands and eYes iN
    this Almighty Power of Love on eARTh God Shines BriGhter iN
    US as the Kingdom of Heaven returns again within as THE GIFT and
    INHERITANCE as/oF GreaTest Love that God provides all Free from Birth
    for those
    who fertilize
    A Garden oF Seed
    AS Love with eYeS anD
    Hands Rain that touch the
    Face of God NoW within each
    oThER thaT iS the GreaTeST
    GiFT of Love NoW.. so what would
    one do with this GroWinG Love.. How
    would one (me) express thanks and praise
    to God for providing this Kingdom of Love
    as Heaven within.. sure.. write a Poem that
    is a Prayer of Thanks to God who and that
    Lives within all Creation Wild and Free as
    Pure Love that is Passion that connects
    all of creation together in the Love
    that binds as pure Energy Force
    oF LiGht LovE NoW.. and
    not only that but
    the ‘JOB’ fAct
    that the GreaTesT
    LiGhts coMe from dARk
    as LiGht literAlly aS even
    Science NoW sHoWs comes
    from dARk and DArk is never
    nothing just because we cannot
    see it with human eyes alone NoW..
    so.. anyway.. as usual.. i don’t really plan
    these milestones they come they coMe with the
    Power of God’s Love within.. so.. sure.. i am celebrating
    an Oops of i just did it again.. too.. with this 117th MacroVerse
    named “1.81M WorD LOnG FoRM PoEM BiBlE CoMeS AGAiN”
    as Child of “Nether Land Bible 2017” tHaT and wHo WiLL continUe
    to GRoW iNto Adulthood after this milestone today as “PHI Bible” at
    1.618 Million Words is also A Child of “Nether Land Bible 2017”..
    as i dropped by to share my Good News with you last time
    i visited more of the dVerse Crowd as sure.. doing this
    aLonG with 7700 Miles of Public Dance in the
    same 47 Months of Writing “SonG oF mY
    SouL” that is now the Grand Parent
    of all three other Bibles as
    noted above and
    actually too.. A 5
    Million Word
    Bible too as Human
    LabELs go to house/vehicle
    vessel truth and light as Essence
    NoW iN Forms of what we commonly
    identify as Essence with each otHeR
    the best we can and will.. see.. the thing
    is about John 14:12 efforts and witnessing
    with the empirical evidence that these Real Life
    Miracles of Human God Potential of Love within
    StiLL Do coMe in these tumultuous days of misery
    and grief and suffering and pain.. for so many folks
    around the globe.. is.. John 14:12 efforts include Witness
    for Personal Cross Efforts too.. and Lord KNows FeeLs
    and SeNses iN Me at Least.. Hell was/is as epic for me
    oN eARTh as the Kingdom of Heaven within.. and that 66
    Months tHeRE with A Pain named type two Trigeminal
    Neuralgia from wake to sleep in Medical Literature..
    literally assessed as worse than the pain of
    Crucifixion usually intermittent in
    type one but type two in my
    case like dentist drill
    pain in right eye
    and ear from
    wake to
    66 months
    with no drugs
    working at all
    for pain relief
    along with a side
    order of 18 other
    Medical Disorders
    Assessed in synergy
    of Life threat that the
    Doctor Gave me no chance
    of recovery for in prognosis
    While Four Years ago to date..
    Miraculously healed aS even
    acknowledged by professionals
    then this week on a Beach as i becAMe
    one with God then as Sugar White Sands
    more as Emerald Green Gulf Swaying Sea
    Oats Seagulls Spiraling around Sun Sublime
    Azure Blue Skies and Waves as i and God
    togeTHeR Ocean wHole as Love Can and
    WiLL Be Pure aGaPe Unconditional for aLL
    of Creation in Fearless and smART ways
    of Human eYes and eaRs and Hands
    Still today to carry the Life Giving
    Water/Food of Love on and on
    and on with never
    fear of shame
    oF eXpreSsinG
    thaT/ThiS Love
    Luke Hot NoW
    with no restraint..
    i am not a Flood mY
    FriEnd for i AM A TSuNaMi
    oF God and a SyCaMore
    AnD A DogWood thaT
    many have attempted
    to make smaller but
    all have fAILed
    to Fell
    A Tree
    of LiFe as Love
    thaT iS more Powerful
    than any doubt less thaN Pure
    Faith as Love.. yes.. this is my
    testimony and this is my witness
    and there are those who are Christians
    who scoff and snicker when i say i do John
    14:12 ’cause i believe with 100 Percent Luke
    Hot Faith LoVE.. and sure.. there are Atheists who snicker
    and scoff ’cause as all they believe in is what they see
    with five senses refusing to believe that there is more
    to life than what they see and hear.. true.. some folks
    cannot see the color green or the color red.. i see
    both in the blood
    of the cross
    and the
    Heaven of
    Green i am NoW
    GRoWinG aS LoVE..
    MORE.. anything is possible
    with BeLiEVeFAitHLoVE and so many
    otHeR people have already proven too
    thiS without a doubt for those who NoW
    Do Believe with 100 percent Faith as Love..
    no cultural clothes necessary and i must admit doing
    this in part naked in restricted legal ways of course too
    like Isaiah did for 3 years or so in other countries too..
    lost some friends over tHaT mY friEnd but per the pART
    that didn’t make it into the King James Version per
    the Gospel of Thomas for whoever wrote that
    Verse 37 for the translated version of
    the teachings of a reported man
    named Jesus i
    found God
    as A Temple
    of God as
    Flesh and
    Blood NoW
    And i cAMe
    And coMe aGaiN
    too to tread on all
    the clothes of culture
    as i did as born as Child
    of God Naked Wild and Free..
    aWay NoW from iLLuSory fEars
    And empty promises and yes the one
    who lives within lives as me aGAIn NoW
    aLWays NowforevermoreeverfornoW mY FriEnd..:)
    Nice to
    ‘see’ yoU
    i alWays
    yOUR nAMe..
    as yes you do remind
    me of my old Best Friend nAMed
    Lynn.. she sitting by me at Lunch in High School..
    when most every one else (the males mostly) saw me as Fool.

    SMiLes.. mY FriEnd.. Lynn..
    aGaiN.. sAMe Director.. sAMe Characters
    sAMe Play onLY thE acTors change iN TrutH anD LiGht or less….

    And consideRinG i made not a Red Lincoln Cent (sent).. doing all of this
    And “SonG of mY SoUL”.. including documentation of thaT
    iN oVer 100K Photos in sAMe sAid Long Form Poem will
    Never be Copyrighted or sold for Washington
    any less than free..


    IT’s trUe LiGHT.. NoW MoRe the meek and the
    poor of spirit inherit the Riches of Love Free..
    yes.. the Kingdom of God as Love witHiN..
    anytHinG ELse LEss than GiVing and
    sHaRinG FreeLY.. iN MoVinG
    CoNnecTinG and CreATinG
    ArT oF FearLess
    smART LoVE
    oF aLL StuFF
    ReLatED to iLLuSory FEars.. partiCularly
    thE Devil of Hate in Real eARTh Hell NoW..:)


    • lynn__
      Jul 18, 2017 @ 11:39:47

      I always like seeing you, my friend, Fred! Your theology of LOVE rolls out in waves of words, bowls me over 😁


      • katiemiafrederick
        Jul 18, 2017 @ 19:11:59

        Hehe.. WeLL..coNsideRinG
        pART of mY Jobs.. Lynn..
        iN Working then for the
        US Federal Government
        Department of Defense
        entailed not only Athletic
        Director and Community
        Activities Director and
        Administrative Support
        Assistant to a Captain
        oF A Military Station too..
        yes.. i Managed a Military
        Bowling Center and worked
        there too for almost two Decades
        too.. it’s true that’s pART.. oF thE
        Experience of Working Directly
        with around 100k Folks in real
        life and about another 100k
        or so folks since 2010 too
        in a liFe online that allows
        folks away.. hehE..
        Practice as ‘they’ Say.. DancE and SinG2
        Tree of Life.. And all thAT LovE Jazz too..
        Chalices and Grails and otHeR HoLY and
        Sacred Symbols too as iT aLL coMes aGaiN..
        Sure.. i’m i’M Sort of Like ‘the Dude’ oN thaT
        Cult Classic.. ‘the Big Lebowski’ too.. hAha..
        iF oNe Looks Far Enough oNe Finds A GRooT ReAsoN NoW..;)

  9. Waltermarks
    Jul 18, 2017 @ 10:00:03

    It is like a bog out there now days, a maze of pitfalls laid out like snares. The darkness can however be cut through by truth, and the pitfalls revealed. Very true, Lynn!


  10. lillian
    Jul 18, 2017 @ 09:28:41

    oh I am so glad you ended on a positive note! I felt my spirit going down, down, down as I read….Yes! Let the flame burst forth! 🙂


  11. Frank Hubeny
    Jul 18, 2017 @ 09:14:40

    The last two lines reminded me of ice with the flickering flame going out or fire with the blazing torch.


  12. Grace
    Jul 18, 2017 @ 08:54:14

    A tragedy when faith fails and we refuse to embrace and see the light ~

    Thanks Lynn for being part of our journey ~ Cheers!


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