ash wednesday

fallen…in rebellion

we are but broken twigs

fuel for feeding the fire;

ephemoral ash and smoke

all black-tarred with sticky guilt

destined for eternal combustion

in hot flames of the Almighty’s

justifiable wrath;  pure holiness

cannot ignore injustice and

violence interminably nor can

Love itself tolerate ingrates’ hate.

his heart weeps as he sweeps

the good earth clean again in

a purifying inferno.




forgiven…lifted up

by Grace we learn to

see our true selves as

repentant and redeemed;

washed joyous clean again

in the blood of the Son’s one

done sacrifice;  destined for

eternal restored relationship

with our Creator/Father

who in open-armed mercy

accepts us in Agape love itself

which transforms our earthly

mirror images to reflect light

of perfecting peace.


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