power struggle

Link to dVerse Poets where Lisa is hosting…I chose challenge #3 to write a poem using the word “fringe” as my first thought was of the biblical narrative.

on the FRINGE of society

(and personal sanity)

no one hears her/their/our

silent scream in isolation

feeling outcast, unclean,

misunderstood, forgotten.

disappointed by hope of

promised treatments that

didn’t provide any solutions

(no permanent heart change)

no turnaround in health issues

of bad blood, life leaking away


we reach out in bold faith to

seek the impossible miracle

and touch the fringe of HIS

robe to find life energy flow

in wave of wholistic healing—

will we dare answer question:

“WHO touched me?!”

17 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Zelda Rene
    Mar 04, 2021 @ 19:59:44

    Oh YES YES YES–thank you, this is so good, so personal to me. Touching the hem of His garment is so visual and real. God bless you bountifully!


  2. robtkistner
    Mar 04, 2021 @ 12:39:44

    Hi Lynn, arthritic fingers making typing excruciating, but was here and read — good work!


  3. Beverly Crawford
    Mar 03, 2021 @ 15:46:20

    Faith can indeed change a life, so well portrayed in your poem.


  4. Björn Rudberg (brudberg)
    Mar 03, 2021 @ 14:50:30

    I love what faith can do to anyone… and as long as you have faith in something it helps.


  5. msjadeli
    Mar 03, 2021 @ 11:12:04

    Lynn, I love the turn in this. Belief in miracles cannot hurt and can make all of the difference in the believer. You get bonus points for saying why you chose what you did 🙂


  6. memadtwo
    Mar 03, 2021 @ 10:06:55

    I’m glad you found healing. (K)


  7. rothpoetry
    Mar 02, 2021 @ 22:00:26

    I love the twist of being on the fringe to touching the fringe! Such great metaphors.


  8. Frank Hubeny
    Mar 02, 2021 @ 20:49:08

    It just occurred to me on reading the end of your poem that it must have required courage to answer Jesus when he asked, “Who touched me?”


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