coddiwompler’s song

Coddiwomple (v.): to travel in a purposeful manner towards a vague destination.

Linking to dVerse tangled traveler’s heart prompt

oh, camping is the life for me!

drive to the mountains, woods or sea

go anywhere you’d rather be

set up campsite, then go biking

find a new trailhead for hiking

before dark, a campfire striking

to eat outdoors whets appetite

pancakes in morning, fish at night

roast a marshmallow (toast just right)

mosquitoes bite so do beware

and never argue with a bear;

don’t follow cougar prints to lair

go south for winter, north in spring

migrate with birds to hear them sing

wanderlust is seasonal fling

no matter how far one may roam

you’ll always find the way back home

(with GPS on “smart” cellphone)

take photos of each memory

living in tents (or big RV)

yes, camping is the life for me!



summers hummers


dusk’s rousing chorus

crickets and cicadas sing

beyond the campfire ring


black cricket (dreamstime)

black cricket (dreamstime)




warm woodsy scent still

lingers in last night’s sweatshirt

campfire memories.


aroma’s scrapbook

applewood and pine needles

toasty marshmallows


warning:  odor chokes

if wind changes direction

when sitting near fire.


Photo0262 - Version 2