blessings may come in pairs

We were blessed with 2 new grand daughters in May, 2016! 

(for Rebecca Joy)

Oh, precious one

you bring us joy!

Tripled the fun

as sisters alloy.

Mama’s almond eyes

Daddy’s strong chin,

give brightest smiles

our hearts to win.

Dimpled cheek

dark, styled hair

Blessing your sleep

we say a prayer:

If world may break

your heart someday

Held close to Jesus

may you ever stay!

(for Ruth Ellen)

Baby Ruth, we love you, in truth!

Sweet smiles, warm hugs;

you’re our dear “cuddle-bugs”

Deep dark-eyed look is all it took,

our hearts can’t help but melt.

We pray you will stay faithful to faith

of your father and mother;

grace shown your grandparents.

Like biblical Ruth, may you say:

Your God will be my God,

your people my people,

where you stay, I will stay;

Close to Jesus always.

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  1. Victoria Young
    Jan 02, 2017 @ 11:19:27



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