who has ears to hear…


Hell may

assault ears with

unearthly shrieks of

self-condemned rebels

tortured by vicious demons,

an infernal crackling

of eternal fire,

but worse yet

will be the

echoing miseries of sin,

utter absence of love,

awful silence of God.

14 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. writerwannabe763
    Aug 03, 2018 @ 19:47:56

    That’s how I think of ‘hell’ Lynn… total absence of God’s love … Diane


  2. memadtwo
    Aug 02, 2018 @ 09:54:51

    Calling and receiving no answer…that is darkness. (K)


  3. Grace
    Aug 01, 2018 @ 19:02:12

    This is frightening as well:

    utter absence of love,

    awful silence of God.


  4. Suzanne
    Aug 01, 2018 @ 16:38:58

    Hell might be that – sometimes that happens in life and it is a bleak kind of hell.


  5. Anita
    Aug 01, 2018 @ 15:49:41

    Silence has its own charm. It takes strength to get through life. Heaven and hell are our own creation, right?


  6. Björn Rudberg (brudberg)
    Aug 01, 2018 @ 15:09:13

    Hell might be that and even more… maybe each of us has a personal hell.


  7. rothpoetry
    Aug 01, 2018 @ 15:05:06

    A really scary one for sure!! Hell… the utter silence of God! I think I have been there at times in my life already!! Well done!


  8. Frank Hubeny
    Aug 01, 2018 @ 09:50:43

    Nice description of hell as the awful silence of God and absence of love–worse than any fire.


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