baking & breaking

“Give us this day our daily bread…”


Unroll sack and let tiny dense kernels flow though fingers. Grinder whines as hard wheat berries pour in. After clatter, textured flour pours out in full measure. Sprinkle in dead salt, live yeast. Add hot (not too hot) water; then amber liquid of oil and honey. Feel need to hand knead or let stand mixer work dough with hook. Form french loaves with firm hands. Rise to heavenly heights and bake to golden crustiness.

Famished sons enter farm kitchen, following aroma of fresh bread. Barely time to find knife with serrated teeth to carve warm slices. Spread butter’s melting fatness and serve. Chew through crunchy crust into mouth-watering homemade sustenance. The next slice begs for honey or jam. Be careful to hide second loaf for later!


basic food for life

gathered from farmers’ hard work

hunger satisfied


Non-traditional homemade haibun, definitely not gluten free!  Photo by my son.

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