good news

Janitorial job filled: Messiah comes to clean up our sins’ mess.

to Whom do you give thanks?

Thank you cards are never general; they always have an addressee  🙂

children of God

(written as “american sentences” of 17 syllables each)


Yes, Paul quoted poetry in his speech at the Areopagus —

As even your own poets have said, “For we are indeed his offspring” *

Athenians made many gods, even built an altar to “unknown god”.

(Ever wonder how people who knew so much, understood so little?)

Man cannot create God; his Spirit moves, unconfined to our image.



*from Cilician poet, Aratus, in Phaenomena, and also Cleanthes, in Hymn to Zeus.

Taken from historical/biblical account in Acts 17:16-31. Beth Moore’s Portraits of Devotion gives fresh insight (sentence #4 is hers).


soap opera


I love it when hubby does laundry…as long as he doesn’t do mine  😉


scrub, dub, tubby time

An “American sentence” is simplicity in seventeen syllables  😉


Grandsons playing outside on farm all day make us grateful for water!

(photo credit: pennye-vanny)

morning after gale

(Verse written as American sentences; each a 17-syllable rant)



Puzzled robin perches on downed tree branch

next to nest of broken eggs.

Selfish force of storm has ripped potential life joy

from its safe sanctum.

Ravaged grove stands in stark silence except

for coo~coos of mourning doves.


sentence of the americas


Stone-faced Mayan warrior greets

descendants in San Antonio.



photo & american sentence by lynn


Linking to Word Press Photo Challenge: “Face”

past tense!


getting on my nerves?

i’m down to my last one and

you’re standing on it!


Feeling like i read this quote somewhere?  Check out: Your Success Inspirer

american paradox/stuffed

it’s thanksgiving day

give thanks for all our blessings

…tomorrow we shop



used with permission

quotable quote

My final offering for 3 Days/3 Quotes challenge!


Tell me, what’s more American than Charles Schulz and Peanut M & M’s?!

If chocolate-covered Peanuts don’t inspire you, I don’t know what else would 😉

[old] woman who swallowed a fly…

a bug flew

into my mouth,

down my throat,

and now i feel

like gollum.

gollum (public domain)

gollum (public domain)

seeking Truth, finding God


Following a false religion might just be a subconscious death wish.

Yet we probably agree that he who lives by the sword, dies by it.

Desire a real relationship with God, not religiosity.



 credit: Nazarene symbol 


By knowing Jesus, we come to understand that

God is truly love.



(“american sentences”: poems of one sentence containing 17 syllables)

1. religiosity. [ri lij′ē äs′ə tē]. noun. the quality of being religious, esp. of being excessively, ostentatiously, or mawkishly religious.  (
2Religiosity is an inappropriate devotion to the rituals and traditions of a religion. (

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