shadow tales of cedar


Goldi wander in wood?


Red Cedar by Emily Carr

beware of three bears

see them growling!


is Red in the hood?

big bad wolf out there

hear him howling!


scare Peter but good

should tinkle bells wear

stop them prowling!






Link to Imaginary Garden with Real Toads‘ prompt inspired by Emily Carr’s art.

odious ode

(recipe for disaster in quatrain verse)


Slow cook this hearty hot porridge,

stir in sweetest honey and cream;

if bears come to breakfast, oh horridge,

we shall hear dear Goldilocks scream.


blond trespasser flees cottage in rush–

Papa growls over cooled bowls of mush:

“On warm servings of girls and oatmeal put dibs,

they’re both full of fiber and will stick to your ribs!”


photo credit: Quaker Oats (an Iowa based company)



Just for fun response to

Tweetspeak poetry prompt

to write ode to a favorite cereal


(photo credit: