sense and (non)sensibility

With my sincere apologies to the venerable Jane Austen,

but it seems that “Colonel” James Bond is planning nuptials!


Scan 4

pretend, deny it,

you know everybody talks,

i heard of it in town.

my dear, upon my honour,

i met Colonel Bond and

he told me of it directly.


you surprise me,

surely must be

mistaken intelligence;

even if true…not what

i expect Colonel B. to do.


but, i assure you,

it so happened.

when he began talking

of one thing and another,

i said: so, Colonel,

i hear word (you) are

going to be married,

is it true?


and what did the Colonel say?


oh, he did say it certain…


i declare!  Mr. B. is well, i hope?


oh, quite well and

uncommonly charming;

it is a pity he should be

so in love with your sister.

you may tell your sister she

is a monstrous girl to get him.


upon my honour,

nothing can be good

enough for her, i assure you!



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