constellation consummation

Camelopardalis or the Giraffe constellation is a large, faint grouping of stars in the northern sky. The constellation was introduced in 1613 by Petrus Plancius to represent the animal Rebecca rode to marry Isaac in the Bible. One year later, Jakob Bartsch featured it in his atlas. Johannes Hevelius gave it the official name of “Camelopardus” or “Camelopardalis” because he saw the constellation’s many faint stars as the spots of a giraffe. (source: CDHK)

bridal caravan

camelopardalis night

brown eyes behind veil


restless groom scans horizon

rebecca comforts isaac


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I have a thing for camels lately…

monumental nubians

Traveling to Sudan today with Chèvre at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai - getty images – getty images


kushite dynasties

pyramids north of khartoum

time’s sand will bury


caravans of rich tourists

camel attempts needle’s eye

kipling’s harrumph

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photo by lynn

photo by lynn

stepping out in faith
pilgrims to jerusalem
purchase camel rides