finding the way


exiles and strangers

seek the new jerusalem

prophets point true north



image & idea from Carpe Diem

palms for alms

I am that beggar on the ancient road of cobbled stones in Jerusalem, begging alms in the city of the king, near David’s tomb. The Passover crowds pass by me on their way through the golden gate to the Temple mount, singing songs of ascent. I limp out of the chaotic throng, pressing my back against the stone wall and clutching my empty cup. What is that I hear? Shouts of “Hosanna, save us”! Now I see ecstatic children waving palm branches before a rabbi astride a young horse; no, he rides a humble donkey. As they pass, Jesus looks into my eyes; a gaze that overwhelms me with compassion.  I pick up a palm frond as the shofar sounds the call to worship: “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.”


crowds shout hosannas

rejoice in the coming king

my cup overflows




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kipling’s harrumph

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photo by lynn

photo by lynn

stepping out in faith
pilgrims to jerusalem
purchase camel rides


next year in jerusalem


anticipation of pilgrimage to

holy land for the christian

state of israel for the jew

and palestine for the arab

jerusalem, ironically named

“foundation of peace”,

salem (shalom) means

“wholeness, unbrokeness”

yet real shalom eludes us all

land divided

walls broken down

relationships strained

how will diverse people live together in sacred space?

who will take a vow of peace and keep a promise?

it is a land of no lesser miracles!

“The Lord watch between me and thee…”   see you when i return!