storm recedes

virus from China
hurricane unleashed on world
hunker down inside
when we dare remove our masks
feel the sun on our faces

My father died last year of covid-induced dementia. He lived a full 87 years. By God’s grace, we’ll see each other again! Link to Carpe Diem Haiku Kai.

pandemic pantoum

Everyone has opinions about how to handle the virus & variants.  I don’t want to add to fear but simply raise some questions…and experiment with pantoum form.

health police grab power again
new variant of covid is here
now all of you must listen!
media frenzy feeds the fear

virulent variant of covid is here
we hide faces behind our masks
media frenzy feeds the fear
authority is what they grasp

hiding faces behind our masks
we bare arms for vaccination
will the authority they grasp
control scared population?

twist bare arms for vaccination
each breath given permission
is goal control of population,
keep everyone in submission?

to breathe we ask permission
if only covid would listen!
can’t keep it in submission
as variant grabs power again.


The pantoum is a poetry form from Malaysia and repeats lines like an incantation going forward and back again. It is written as quatrains with ABAB rhyme scheme. The stanza lines follow a pattern: 1-2-3-4, 2-5-4-6, 5-7-6-8, 7-3-8-1. I changed repeated lines a bit.

pandemic fallout

Screen Shot 2020-12-31 at 11.30.53 AM


frays nerves
as relationship

fractures hearts
so socially dis-

roils beneath
an obfuscating

muddles mind
in ubiquitous

within withers
when hope dis-


Incredulously, I may not visit my 87-year-old father as he struggles with Covid-19.  It seems the protocols are as deadly as the pandemic as many elderly have suffered from the fallout as much as the disease. 

wu flu senryu

exposed to covid
wondering if you will die
slight cough a symptom?



Note on title: a friend dubbed Covid-19 the “Wu Flu” since it originated in Wuhan, China. Linking to dVerse poets where Frank J. Tassone hosts “jisei”; Japanese death poetry.