war hero

we assumed
she would die young,
like her sister and her son
who lost battles to asthma

but Aunt Jeanette held her
fight to breathe for 81 years
till leukemia attacked.

Her final orders: “You
better go now before
you make me cry!”



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as flowers of the field

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prognosis grim-

after years of

battling asthma,

her body bearing

those ravages,

she was slowly


to new onslaught:

acute lymphocytic

leukemia, a kind

of cancer…

her own cells

would betray her.


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a wheezing

shortness of

breath was

her personal

trademark, as

was her breezy

sense of humor.

after bad news,

i drove to hospital

to talk for our

last time (before

hospice left her

without words).


she softly

explained to

my young sons

that she would

be going to see

Jesus soon…

i choked back

sobs, blinking

at the gorgeous

gerbera daisy

from her only

grand daughter,

packing to come.


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