opening to lovelight


floating on black pond

mysterious lotus heart

~ deeper reflections ~



image: unsplash

life mimics art


photo by lynn



lotus opens wide

in ageless petaled beauty

God’s world inspires he(art)

purple passion awakens

adorned with peacock feathers






Joining CDHK and Kala Ramesh for “lotus viewing”

diwali festival of lights

paint lotus with sand

taste sweet treats, ooh-aahh fireworks

darkness held at bay


India’s bright tradition

begging real Light of the world

ID 59700129 © Nah Ting Feng | Traditional clay diya lamps lit during diwali celebration

ID 59700129 © Nah Ting Feng |
Traditional clay diya lamp lit during Diwali 



soft scent on south wind

makes sweet memories blossom

summer in my heart



photo & prompt from Carpe Diem (see side bar link) and Kristjaan’s

challenge to “distill” longer poem,” Lotus” by Tagore, into haiku.