lust & lies

A quadrille for dVerse Poets on theme of “sleep”….


things got hot in egypt

when potiphar’s wife urged
young servant joseph
“come, sleep with me!”

he refused to dishonor master;
resisted by fleeing without cloak
which became false evidence

potiphar’s wife deceitfully
cried “rape!” which swiftly
landed joseph in slammer

integrity is costly!

painting ofJoseph and Potiphar’s Wife” by Guido Reni, 17th century

an adulterous woman

like a lioness with belladonna in her eyes

you prey stealthily

on fools’ weakness

calculate lust’s moment

stalk willing victims of

nights’ shade like shadow

hiss soft enticements as

fluidity of your presence

slithers cunningly into

traitorous embrace

aiming for the eyes

Anthony challenges dVerse poets to use 3 of his lines (italicized) in a poem.