to survive snowstorm

across this frozen prairie, winter blows
strong blizzard gale bullwhips up fallen snow
we shiver, polar-cold, wind’s frightful roar
and add thick logs to embers burning low

such fierceness could freeze creature to the core
if wait exposed;  come, safe inside closed door
we offer mugs to drink in warming flow
and reminisce of summer sun-swept shores


Rubaiyat: The ruba’i is a classical Persian quatrain or double couplet of 4 lines and having rhyme scheme either AABA or AAAA. A collection of more than one quatrain is called a rubaiyat.

Edward Fitzgerald popularized the form in English. He chose iambic pentameter, generally 10-syllable lines with alternating accents, for the meter and used the AABA rhyme scheme. Having the unrhymed third line allows the poet to use that sound from the first quatrain as the main rhyming sound in the next quatrain, connecting the stanzas.

My thanks to Frank at dVerse Poets for this information on the rubaiyat form!

low style or high class?

Earlier insulted by

tinkering piano tuner

who mumbled something

about cheaper instruments’

mediocre sound quality,

the small piano swells

with dissonant rage

when unaware student

pounds out Bieber hit

instead of fingering

classical masterpiece.


In elegant contrast,

the gracious silver

coffeepot keeps her

serene composure,

never spilling hot

drop when filling

embarassingly silly

souvenir shop mug

sporting older couple

on beach with words,

“Iowa is for Lovers”.


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