new life on the farm

tulips point skyward
pregnant buds open up life
colorful prayers


speckled easter eggs
killdeer cry out distraction
spring clutch nests on ground


raindrops kiss clover
walk barefoot across wet lawn
holding hands with spring


straw bedding in barn
cows moo news of fresh spring calves
maternity ward


mews, purrs, stretches paw
mama nurses new kittens
fur balls’ eyes closed tight


blossoms pop purple
rhododendron awakens
spring resurrection


Raindrop prelude – Chopin

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai’s December theme: Let the Music Inspire You

raindrops fall gently

converge in heavy downpour

storm cleanses landscape

breezy little poem


gentle quiver shivers maple leaves

reveals flash of their silver underside

quiet breath whispers subtle tease

where downy baby owlets hide


stronger gust flexes tops of trees

may blow in raindrops late today

squirrel kits sleep fits and sneeze

when swing in spring’s breezeway



A quadrille (44 words) linked to dVerse Poets pub.

green writes its own haiku


Photo: Spring Poetry by Alex Markovich


spring’s pale green raindrops

cling trembling to bare branches

spatter on sidewalk


enslaved boy set free

patrick loved his enemies

truth drowns in green beer


swords of irises

pierce soil and snow to touch sun

rising from bulbs’ tomb


haiku habitat

ID 55999282 © Neydtstock | Raindrops on bamboo leaves - collage

ID 55999282 © Neydtstock |

raindrops on bamboo

shimmer in the sunlight

little diamonds

© Chèvrefeuille

giant panda sniffs jewels

her cubs feast on fresh green shoots


My response to tan renga challenge at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai…