why do we find it our forte to fight?

why so obsessed to prove we are right?

an ancient blame game that began in the garden

who knew how bad seed of sin’s fruit would harden?!






freedom’s creed


The right to believe what you choose comes with

the responsibility to allow another’s free choice.

The right to say what you want comes with

the responsibility to listen to another’s view.

The right to publish your own words comes with

the responsibility to enlighten another’s mind.

The right to live where you would comes with

the responsibility to live at peace with another.

The right to act on your convictions comes with

the responsibility to let others act on theirs.

The right to experience the joy of being alive comes with

the responsibility to respect the life of another.

When faith, speech, or action no longer respects the LIFE of another,

then it forfeits freedom and it  must.