in need of rescue


photo by Gabriella at dVerse; used with permissionimg_4644

Daddy was mean so I run away but had nowhere to go.  Met a guy I thought I could trust.  Sure, he treated me real special at first.  I fell hard…thought he loved me too.  Called me “sweet thing” and “babe” and said two of us was all that mattered in the world.  Until he started passing me around to his friends for free and then to strangers for money.  Decent money too but he keeps most of it.  Now he’s taking me to the big city.  I don’t wanna go but he squeezes my arm so tight at every bus stop…to keep me from running again.  Doesn’t anybody see my tears?

i’ve nowhere to go

sky cries tears down bus windows

can’t wash my shame’s pain


Thinking of young victims of sex slavery and linking with haibun challenge at dVerse Poets