swoosh of the fukuroo

Join Victoria at dVerse Poets for this week’s haibun prompt: Who? Who? Fukuroo!


Late one winter afternoon, I strap on snowshoes, grab my poles and make tracks in powder. The dusky sky glows pale pink as I shush into deep silence. Spruces dusted with fresh snow, wear skirts of blue-hued drifts and beckon me to maneuver their folds. I am tramping a wonderland beneath thin-fingered canopy of ash tree silhouettes. Startled, I flinch as a heavy winged shadow glides closely overhead with a swish-sh-sh of displaced air. An owl swoops low before sweeping onto a bare upper branch fifty yards ahead. I approach cautiously as owl’s head swivels toward me. Notice the unmistakable tufts like ears…it’s the great-horned fukuroo of my dreams!


listen, owl’s hooting


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heard often yet rarely seen

great-horned fukuroo!

snowshoer’s take on life


Slow down to notice spectacular beauty in ordinary scenes.

Make some fresh tracks where no one else has tramped.

Look upward and outward to where your feet should follow.

Re-trace the most memorable winding paths.

Be prepared for  fallen branches, hidden entanglements or narrow spaces.

When prickly pines try to needle you, carefully brush past them.

Reap rewards of pushing a little longer…a little further on.

Breathe deeply of crisp, clean air and laugh aloud in wonder

at all that glitters in the bright sunlight.

Be dazzled by life!