Linking to dVerse poetics and Lillian’s prompt to write “once upon a …”


once upon a yurt…

out on the barren steppe

below snowy mountain peak

where mongolian ponies gallop

beside smoky cow-dung fire ring

stirring pot of seasoned beef stew

aromas of ginger and garlic wafting

tickle nose of almond-eyed baby boy

who sneezes mightily into shadows of

future as conqueror-to-be, Genghis Khan





hot news flash


in your recipe for spousal stew

will you

even notice i’m on a slow burn?

please turn

me over so that i will brown

(heat down)

lightly and evenly all around

i’ve begun to sweat

broiled into a fret

will you please turn the heat down?!


Linking to dVerse Poets where we’re invited to write an “ovillejo” or tight little bundle (of yarn), which is untangled in the final line…