wet dew on garden

i harvest summer’s bounty

abundant flavour


photo by lynn__

give thanks, gather hope

First year at Plimoth was

difficult— disease, death

Mayflower left survivors

grateful for Squanto’s help


Pilgrims and Wampanoag

gathered for three day feast

thankful to gracious God for

gifts of harvest and friendship


photo by lynn


Fresh venison, wild turkey,

goose cooked with herbs

shellfish, herring, lobster

colorful corn and squash


Public prayers of blessing

psalms sung, jigs danced

leapfrog, blind man’s bluff

target shooting contests


Lincoln set 4th Thursday

of November as annual

holy day to give thanks

to God for his providence


Future presidents would

pardon one lucky turkey

as loyal Americans join

to give thanks for football

an attitude of gratitude

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Day 2 of Mira’s 3 Days/3 Quotes challenge…and linking to dVerse poets

Have you read Ann Voskamp’s book, one thousand gifts?    a holy experience

“An attitude of gratitude”

may seem a simple platitude

But learning to appreciate

small blessings given makes life great

Give thanks for colored leaves on trees

give thanks for buzzing honey bees

I’m grateful to be breathing air

i’m thankful Shondra cuts my hair

Sneak sniff of flower petals sweet

taste gladly everything you eat

Give thanks for babies’ soft new skin

give thanks for sleep at home with kin

Be happy for bright shining stars

take care of Earth, can’t live on Mars

We give our thanks to God above

for sharing His abundant love

Increase your joy, expand your mind

count every blessing you can find!

Hey, look at that…i even rhymed 🙂