giving thanks

cold turkey thaws in filled sink,

every year bigger butterball bird;

add honey ham to feed multitude

by marriage, births, or invitation.

gathered ingredients weeks ahead

cheesy baked corn aroma wafts up

daughter-in-love will make pies or

dinner rolls to bring to feast while

grandma feels a bit overwhelmed by

her family blessings and potato skins;

wipes tearful prayers on fresh apron.

give thanks, gather hope

First year at Plimoth was

difficult— disease, death

Mayflower left survivors

grateful for Squanto’s help


Pilgrims and Wampanoag

gathered for three day feast

thankful to gracious God for

gifts of harvest and friendship


photo by lynn


Fresh venison, wild turkey,

goose cooked with herbs

shellfish, herring, lobster

colorful corn and squash


Public prayers of blessing

psalms sung, jigs danced

leapfrog, blind man’s bluff

target shooting contests


Lincoln set 4th Thursday

of November as annual

holy day to give thanks

to God for his providence


Future presidents would

pardon one lucky turkey

as loyal Americans join

to give thanks for football

something to cluck about

TweetSpeak Poetry celebrates April as National Poultry (Poetry) Month!

I think that I will never see a thing as
lovely as a turkey (struttin’ his stuffin’)

Writing poultry means lots of scratching
and requires a bit of gravel in the gizzard.

Why did the chicken cross the road?
She wanted to be poultry in motion.

Fine feathered friends don’t let hens
drive drunk to live poultry slams…

Concerned about April 30th, Poultry in
my Pocket Day? Find a cute chick!