not home yet lament


Weep, cry, wail, mourn, grieve


for refugees coming

across rough seas

on an over-crowded

raft or the immigrants

risking midnight run

through wild desert


all young sex slaves

and child brides who

grow up/old too fast

on twisted un-love of

a childhood missed,

an innocence lost


the wives who feel

un-cherished or the

husbands who are


and senior citizens

who go unnoticed


the friends, family

who suffer alongside

those held hostage

by mental illness or

cancer’s grip or HIV

no good end in sight


for unborn babies

denied of person-

hood and a life, seen

as inconvenience and

an inter-ruption with

no voice or sanctuary


all victims of terror-ism

by wrong religion or

wrong politics or being

simply in wrong place

at the wrong time in a

wrong-headed world,


sick from sin, weary of the wait, longing for home.