moonlight serenade

 Tan Renga linked to Carpe Diem

river stones

caressed by flowing water

pale moon shines   

                               -becca givens


owl wings past fir tree shadows

stream gurgles soft lullaby.



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. magicalmysticalteacher
    Oct 22, 2014 @ 16:11:29

    “Hearing” owls fly is an awesome experience, because you really can’t (or at least I can’t) hear them at all!

    River Stones


  2. Bastet
    Oct 21, 2014 @ 16:01:11

    a great ending!


  3. Victoria C. Slotto
    Oct 20, 2014 @ 17:35:58

    Lovely complement to Becca’s work, Lynn. And thanks for visiting my new blog.


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