A rock solid Q

“Q” for quadrille at dVerse Poets and “Q” for queue as in a line up of rocks.


Rock & Roll

Rosetta Stone

Rock of Gibraltar


Ayers Rock

Easter Island

Rocky I & II

Blarney Stone

Plymouth Rock

The Sphinx

Rock-a-bye Baby

Rolling Stone

Hope Diamond

Rocky & Bullwinkle


“On Christ the solid Rock I stand; all other ground is sinking sand.”

hope is eternal


quiet stones by pond

ornamental trees blossom

bird chirps inside bush

remember neighbor who’s gone

…resurrected to new life!


While on vacation (visiting a Japanese garden in Hermann Park, Houston), we learn of a neighbor, Loren Meyer’s, sudden passing…

once upon a beach

Carpe Diem’s prompt from Jane Reichhold’s “Dictionary of Haiku”:  beach


mesmerizing swell

turquoise waves break in white froth

caressing smooth stones



photo by lynn



moonlight serenade

 Tan Renga linked to Carpe Diem

river stones

caressed by flowing water

pale moon shines   

                               -becca givens


owl wings past fir tree shadows

stream gurgles soft lullaby.



holy week haiku


The stones will cry out,

“He is coming, He is here!”

Palm branches salute.


This king washes feet,

“Break my body, drink this cup.”

Heart of stone betrays.


He’s crowned, whipped, bleeding;

“My God, have you forsaken?”

Dies on stony hill.


Sunrise in garden;

“Tell me, Sir, where you laid him.”

Stone tomb cannot hold.