Covid 19 OCD


flatten the coronavirus curve

do not touch your face

practice safe social distancing


free clip art

DO not touch your face

wash hands for twenty seconds

do NOT touch your face

wipe down all smooth surfaces

do not TOUCH your face

wear sterile gloves, N95 mask

do not touch YOUR face

what if eyeballs and teeth itch?

do not touch your FACE!




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  1. Riverside Peace
    Apr 06, 2020 @ 18:26:30

    I itch more than ever… The only soaps, sanitizers, wipes and disinfectants available are full of Aloe Vera or Citrus. Citrus the worst causing blisters wherever it touches. Smell burns my nostrils. As for masks…6 weeks wait. I’ve always had 2 or 3 on hand but now I have one which I’ve worn to a medical appointment. So now I send hubby for basic food shopping and to seek out the necessities I can use harmlessly. I’m praying I don’t have any anaphylactic reactions during the crisis.

    Be safe Lynn. I do like your poem. 🙂


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